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The fully integrated platform for managing business operations and lifestyle needs

For business or personal use, whatever your purpose, tasktru has an intuitive design and a clear structure to suit any preference. It is designed to serve the needs of individual users as well as organizations. It's the ultimate App for managing individual interests, activities, and needs. And it's the best choice for businesses looking to reach, and connect with, prospects or clients.

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The Only Tool For Managing All Walks Of Life

As an individual, you use apps for a variety of reasons. However, users have diverse needs, and often require multiple apps to meet their lifestyle demands, interests, and responsibilities. If you’ve found yourself juggling multiple apps to fulfill different interests, and have become frustrated trying to keep up with varied experiences, tasktru is designed just for you. Having your preferences in one app allows you to achieve standardized management, stress-free usage, unlimited possibilities, and a secure experience across all your activities.

From a single app, access a wide range of features including:

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The Most Effective Tool to Manage any Establishment

Whether you are an existing company or new business, association or organization (commercial or non-commercial), with tasktru, you are equipped with the tools necessary for easy management of all aspects of your establishment in a single and cost-effective solution.

Our App is the only tool you need to streamline your business operations and maximize brand recall, giving you the competitive edge needed to drive productivity and profitability.

Offers a variety of custom functions, including:

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A single App that provides you with seamless management of your personal, business, and lifestyle needs, tasks, and responsibilities.

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Enjoy convenience, unique benefits, and unlimited value from a single source.





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Our inclusive App provides excellent experiences for diverse users across the globe.


The Only Tool For Managing All Walks Of Life

For individuals who are looking for a quick, easy, and smart way to manage lifestyle needs, desired activities, and personal requests. All in one place – right at your fingertips.

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Here To Make Your Work Better Than Ever

Account for business providers of on-call & on-demand services, who require a business management platform to maintain focus on their top priority, which is helping people with their requests and orders. This account can also be used by the staff of any organization that has access to our Business-Plus account.

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Make Your Good Organization A Great Organization

The ultimate account for businesses and organizations to effectively manage their workflow and operational activities. Control your regular business operations easily while having access to all data in a clear and user-friendly display, as tasktru helps facilitate optimal performance on one seamless business management platform.

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