About us

What is tasktru?

Welcome to tasktru! An online platform that provides mobile applications and website technology collectively referred to as the "tasktru platform". tasktru platform provides all-round service engagement to support individuals and organizations to manage their operations and needs. The "tasktru" name, logo, trademark and technology platform are property of Acilect Ltd, a company incorporated in England and Wales (Company number 12347194).

tasktru platform is committed to facilitating a seamless and efficient connection between service seekers and providers. Essentially, we are an online platform that seeks to help individuals and organisations across the globe improve their services and realise their success targets by leveraging the power of technology and globalisation.


Why should you use tasktru?

One of the main challenges that come with service procurement and delivery is that it can be time-consuming. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to handle the process effectively without losing time or money and most importantly securing the value you seek. That is why it is important to use a seasoned application that helps you to fulfil your needs. This is where tasktru comes into play, tasktru is here to ensure you leverage all these benefits.

We also understand that, for any business to succeed in today’s corporate world, it must be ready to embrace the evolving technology. The methods of doing business and fulfilling needs have tremendously changed hence the need to change how we do things. tasktru supports businesses to improve their customer service through better management, satisfaction and appreciation. It provides a great chance to realise business growth targets by linking the business to a pool of real and returning customers with experienced and talented workers. Additionally, it enhances business administration including job contracting, monitoring sales and revenue growth, observing changes in market factors including supply and demand among others.


How does tasktru work?

tasktru has a straightforward system that you can follow with ease. It is designed to facilitate different scenarios of need or operation. We pride ourselves in supporting a wide range of services tailored to improving any business market growth and performance as well as securing values for individuals.

At its core, tasktru is designed to be an on-demand platform where you can hire service providers and manage the delivery of your request. It’s imperative to have a meaningful insight to guide your choice of professionals. With the help of the platform, you can filter relevant information on professionals and choose who suits your requirements. You are always in control, as you finally take your needs to the next level in a meaningful and professional manner. Similarly, service providers can use tasktru to engage clients more efficiently on their service delivery.

With the right ideas and options, organisations can easily use tasktru to manage their internal operations. Be it in a private or public setting, tasktru got you covered. Among the many services tasktru is tailored to support organisations include: Facilities Management, Access Management, Field Operation Management and many more.

tasktru is driven by the passion to exceed customer expectations. We are ready to listen to their desires and provide unparalleled solutions that bring value. We employ tenable efforts to maintain the authenticity of the platform by remaining transparent and innovative. Contact us today and get exclusive access at affordable rates!