Community Management

Enrich Your Community With tasktru

The all-in-one solution to enhance safety and facilitate effective community management

Community Engagement At Your Fingertips

Driven by a seamless design and intuitive dashboard, you’ll be up and running in minutes.

tasktru allows you to manage your community responsibilities and safety needs with optimal flexibility, through one single platform of engagement.

tasktru is pre-configured to provide all the features you need to meet the demands of your community with superior efficiency. We understand that communities have unique needs, and that residents within your community have high expectations for convenience, service, and most importantly, safety. This is where tasktru comes into play, bringing management of operational demands and safety measures within your community into one fully integrated application. With tasktru, you can achieve a smooth and hassle-free operation, ensuring that your residents, suppliers, and guests feel valued, safe, and secure, with automated security measures and immediate attention to concerns or queries. You can automate and control access to your community, assign responsibilities to your community suppliers, and process community dues seamlessly for resident convenience. Your residents can also self-engage any service offering you have set up on your community platform with a simple click, including requests for maintenance or activation of safety features. tasktru empowers your residents to work together to create a safe and welcoming community environment for all.