Kids Center

Manage Your Institution With One Seamless Solution

Out-of-the-Box Solution to revolutionize your institution management, optimize child safety, and enhance overall academic wellbeing.

Help Kids Thrive In A Safe Developmental Environment

Run your institution efficiently and cost-effectively with the all-in-one Kids Center solution of tasktru’s innovative platform. Utilizing our robust platform with fully integrated features, you’ll facilitate a safer environment and transform the way you connect with parents, manage kids’ development, and designate permissible access. There is no expensive hardware to maintain, and no lengthy setup or installation, just a convenient app that’s ready to perform when you are.

All organizations which render educational services, or other dedicated children’s developmental or welfare services, can use our pre-configured platform to improve their interactions and manage administrative functions with ease. The app enables seamless communication with parents or guardians, and controls permissible access to kid’s centers, ensuring that student welfare is always the number one priority. Our application allows you to digitize the process of information awareness/dissemination, access visibility and controls, and event planning, without coordinating excessive paperwork or maintaining cumbersome email lists. In addition, tasktru will effectively enhance parent-teacher engagement, allowing schools to eliminate costly messaging systems and save valuable time when compared with traditional methods of connecting with parents.

tasktru allows parents to receive school newsletters, view school photo galleries, keep track of school events and schedules, coordinate with teachers, provide digital consent, make payments online through any device, and much more.