The Best Interactive Property Management Features For Landlords and Tenants All In One Place

The one-stop hub of activity for property management oversight, billing and maintenance needs, and immediate communication between property managers and tenants.

Whether You Host, Manage, Or Rent, We Have Everything You Need To Keep Your Home Running Efficiently

Ensure your property is safe, comfortable, and profitable with the application that brings the best property management features to property owners, landlords, and tenants.

With the My-Home product from tasktru, landlords can establish tenant trust with responsive communication and prompt attention to service issues, repair requests, or payment inquiries. Maintenance and repair orders can be submitted, tracked, and updated upon completion, all within the app, while tenants have the option to include photos or videos along with their request to avoid unnecessary service delays.

Several of the App features are ideal to create efficiency for both landlords and tenants, turning the rental process into a no-stress, no-hassle experience. The online payment management system allows landlords to automate the invoicing process and easily track payments, while tenants receive the benefit of easy rent payments made directly through the app. The contract process between landlords and tenants can be handled 100% digitally, as tenants have the ability to sign all rental documents with an e-signature, which can then be accessed electronically as necessary.

Landlords and property managers will love our Property Inspection feature, which offers a foolproof way to ensure that designated property areas receive the required attention, regardless of who is performing the inspection. You can set a customized checklist for each property that is accessible from your mobile phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

Efficient Property Management And Tenant Safety At Home and On The Go

Tenants that feel safe, valued, and cared for will turn into long-term tenants! Landlords can enhance the safety of their residential community with proper tenant screening through ID verification. Additionally, they can maintain the value of their property with routine maintenance on appliances, furnaces, smoke alarms, and CO detectors. 

With My-Home from tasktru, tenants will have a line of open communication with their landlord, resulting in an enhanced rental experience defined by safety and personalized attention. The platform is functional, engaging, and user-friendly for both landlords and tenants.