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Source your desired service professionals with one revolutionary app – all right at your fingertips.

Need a Service? We’ve Got You Covered!

The easy and reliable way for individual users to take care of service needs, without the stress and hassle of multiple online searches. Service providers are also able to effectively reach a wider audience in their chosen geographical area, leading to high quality engagements, higher customer retention, and access to posted job requests on a daily basis.

tasktru provides a seamless platform to connect service seekers and service providers, by connecting people who need assistance with service professionals who provide their desired services. From home tasks, to repair work, to automobile services, you’ll find a wide range of tasks and reliable local workers, all available through this convenient and user-friendly platform.

As a service seeker, you can easily search, evaluate, and connect with your preferred service providers, ultimately contracting with them to fulfill your request. You can also post your requested job in the market place, either for instant service or for a scheduled future date, and wait for service professionals to reply or provide a quote online. Book and manage appointments, private message your service professional, view professional profiles and ratings, get real-time updates on contracted jobs, and so much more, all in one location.

As a service provider, now you can spend more time earning, and less of your valuable time finding customers. The app is perfect for small business owners to increase quality of engagement and delivery, as our custom technology puts you directly in control of leveraging unlimited opportunities. Our platform integrates processes and features that help service professionals enhance efficiency, access quality job opportunities, and make their lives easier on a daily basis. You can proactively search for and filter potential work, so that you decide what type of jobs you take on, when you do them, and where you do them. In addition, once you've paid the affordable subscription fee, there are no other costs to pay – regardless of how many jobs you take.