Your All-In-One Online Shopping Management And Product Management Resource For Shop Owners And Customers

Owners can effectively manage their online retail shops, inventory, pricing, and product listings, while customers enjoy a relaxed, convenient, and efficient shopping experience right from the comfort of home.

The Best Shop Management Platform For Easy Shopping And Easy Management

As customers increasingly turn to online shopping to meet many of their daily shopping needs, the ShopNear product from tasktru effectively connects shop owners with customers who need their products, all in one seamless and fully integrated application. Shop owners will have access to all the features they need for efficient order management, product listing management, and payment management, driven by the technology needed for success in the modern online marketplace.

Shoppers will be able to source products and goods right from the convenience of home, and everything you need is just a few clicks away. You can easily search and compare the best prices on products you use every day, while searching for the best discounted deals available through the shops on the platform. Shops and products can be filtered by category, location, and more, with intuitive search capabilities to ensure you find your favorite products all in one place.

Whether you are managing your online shop or your online shopping cart, the tasktru ShopNear product has you covered with the best features to achieve your goals. When your online shop management is optimized, you’ll create customer loyalty, drive customer engagement, and avoid disappointment by reflecting accurate inventory based on real-time sales. As you build and grow your brand, you can offer brand promotions, and discounts directly through the platform, while simultaneously building a model of profitability.