Maximize Efficiency Of Hosted Parking Locations And Eliminate The Frustration Of The Parking Experience.

The seamless platform designed to reduce parking stress for users, and to digitize the parking management experience and optimize profitability for location owners.

The Best Parking Management Solutions For Users And Location Owners

How many times has the challenge of finding a parking spot turned into a time-consuming, overwhelming, and stressful experience? tasktru has developed a solution to make parking smooth and seamless, giving users some of that valuable time back to increase personal productivity. Users of tasktru Swift-CarPark will be able to receive notifications about vacant parking spots, find their car easily with assistance from integrated parking maps, and even reserve favorite parking spots in advance. Users can also plan trips accordingly with our unique Heat Map View, showing the busiest times for nearby parking sites.

Parking site owners and users will both find immense benefit from the digitized payment process available through the application. Customers won’t have to waste time fumbling with payment cards or dealing with parking vouchers, and owners can efficiently manage all in-app transactions and gain access to analytical reports on demand. Swift-CarPark is the best contactless and efficient solution to connect customers with the best parking locations in their area.


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