Workplace Management

The Revolutionary Digital Solution For A Safe And Secure Workplace

Out-of-the-Box Solution to streamline and enhance your access and attendance administration to create and sustain a safer workplace.

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Employees

Through one single point of engagement, tasktru is pre-configured to help you manage your workplace access control and attendance administration to facilitate superior safety and convenience for your workforce.

We understand the security challenges and demands for access control to business premises, and have designed this solution to achieve a seamless access operation for employees at all organizational levels and branch locations. Permission-based access can be granted to approved guests and visitors with unique codes that have a predetermined expiration time, and cannot be reused once they are made obsolete. With the tasktru, you can schedule specific access dates and times for guests, to ensure that only designated access is allowed to the workplace premises. You can authorize staff members to easily invite guests with uniquely generated access codes, right from their phones, that will allow for entry of unannounced guests or impromptu meetings with offsite visitors. Each staff member can also use their assigned unique access code for their personal access within the workplace premises.

With digital control measures and visible access management features, the user-friendly dashboard has intuitive features that allow you to easily grant or revoke facility access, manage attendance and track absences, and give your employees peace of mind and confidence in their workplace security. Our system provides visibility of exactly who is on the premises at any given time, and allows for access to be restricted based on the designated permission controls set by your organization. Subsequently, an organization can vet access and manage employee attendance in one centralized place with comprehensive reports and live dashboards.