Personal Account

Optimize your lifestyle management with tasktru. A digital needs management platform that empowers you to achieve better, save time and money, and enhance your convenience anywhere & anytime.

What it means for Personal Users

This account is ideal for individuals who want a clear, multifaceted lifestyle management platform to manage lifestyle needs, desired activities, and personal requests. All in one place – right at your fingertips.

Get Started in 3 easy steps with Personal Account:

1. Create your tasktru account.

To view or manage your engagements, you’ll need to be logged in to your tasktru account. Don’t have one? You can create a personal account here for free.

2. Set up your portfolio by adding your desired product from variety of options

Select from options to add to your portfolio, then start engaging through tasktru.

3. You’re all set up!

Now that you’re up and running, start your engagement actions or manage your existing tasks, responsibilities, or requests all from your portfolio.

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